The Step One Challenge


1.  What's the difference between the Step One Challenge and the Step One 5K?

Step One Challenge:

    This is a 6 week contest in which individuals form teams of 3-6 people, over the age of 12, wearing a pedometer and keeping track of their daily steps on a walking log.  The log and the pedometer are provided FREE of charge to all participants.  At the end of the 6 weeks team captains turn in their team's walking logs to the health department.  The teams with the highest average number of steps are awarded prizes.  The challenge is now in its 9th year.
Step One 5K:
This is our annual 5K run/walk/race.  This event takes place on the first day of the Step One Challenge.  This year's cost of the 5K is $15 pre-registered and $20 day of.  This event is INDEPENDENT of the Step One Challenge and registration in one does not include nor prevent registration in the other.  So you can register for the Step One Challenge, or the Step One 5K or both.  

2.  Does The Step One Challenge or Step One 5K cost money?

The Step One Challenge is FREE to Cleveland County residents and the Step One 5K costs $15 pre-registered and $20 on race day.  

3.  Do you have to be a county resident to participate?  

You have to be a Cleveland County resident to participate in the Step One Challenge but you do not have to be a county resident to participate in the 5K.  

4.  I ride my bike and swim.  Is there a conversion chart for The Step One Challenge?  

We do have a conversion chart on the forms page.  If you are swimming or doing an activity that prevents you from wearing your pedometer you should use this chart to account for missed steps.  

5.  I lost my pedometer.  Can I get another one?  

If you lost your pedometer we can replace it for a charge of $3.00.

6.  My pedometer doesn't work.  Can I get another one?

Bring your pedometer to us.  If we determine that is defective we will replace yours for free.  If we determine it to still be operational we can replace it for you for $3.00.

7.  What if someone drops off my team during the Step One Challenge?

If someone drops off your team turn in all the walking logs that you have and it will be averaged based on the walkers that turn their log in.  

8.  How do we turn in our Step One Challenge results?  

At the end of the 6 weeks turn your walking log into your team captain.  Team captains will have 2 weeks (October 21st)  after the event is over to get the completed walking log and team captain reporting sheet to the health department.  Please go to Forms if you need a replacement walking log or team captain reporting sheet.

9.  How will we know who won the Step One Challenge?  

Walking logs are due to the health department by Friday, October 21st.  From there we will calculate steps and hopefully determine a winner within 2 weeks.  Winners will be contacted by phone/email and we will post results up on this site as well.  

10.  Where and where can we pick up our registrations?

Step One Challenge:  Team captains may pick up team packets (walking logs and pedometers) for his/her team beginning Thursday, August 25th at the Cleveland County Public Health Center, please call Tyler (980-484-5143) or Katie (980-484-5128) to make sure we have yours completed.  All Step One Challenge forms must be picked up by Friday, August 26th by 5:00pm.   *Team captains will NOT be able to pick up Step One Challenge team packets at the 5K Saturday morning.  

Step One 5K:  You may pick up your pre-registered race bag on Friday, August 26th from 8:00am-5:00pm at the Cleveland County Public Health Center.  If you are unable to make that you can pick up your race packet Saturday morning at the race starting at 7:30 a.m. 

11. Where is the Step One 5K?

The Step One 5K is happening at Aldersgate UMC at 1207 West Dixon Blvd, Shelby.

12.  I can't race.  Can I get a refund?

No, we do not offer refunds for any reason.  You can transfer your registration to someone until the race begins.  

13. What happens if it is raining at the 5K?

The Step One 5K is a rain or shine event.  In the event that there is lightning or a downpour, we will wait up to 1 hour and then cancel the event if it looks like the rain isn't going to let up.  We are sorry but we cannot give refunds in the event of inclimate weather.  

14.  I signed up for the 5K but can't make it.  Can someone come run in my place?

Yes.  Please let us know ahead of time if possible.  The person who is running in your spot needs to pick up their registration packet at the pre-registered pickup on Saturday morning and then fill out a new racer form.  After that is complete, the runner needs to take their bib over to the timing table to have their name attached to the race bib.  

Question still not answered?  Email Tyler with your question.