5th Annual Step One 5K racer bags (if you preregistered) can be picked up at the Cleveland County Public Health Center between 8am - 5pm on Friday August 26th.  If you are unable to pick up your packet or have not registered yet, then registration opens at 7:30am Saturday morning at Aldersgate United Methodist Church.  Morning of registration is $20, preregistration is only $15.  Link is below.

The 4th Annual Step One 5K brought about 89 runners.  This year we are aiming to have over 100 runners.  This is a very inexpensive and laid back 5K.  Walkers, Joggers, Runners, Sprinters, Strollers, and Pets are all welcome.   The course as many of you know has a nice hill at mile 2 which can be a challenge.  This is exactly what we are wanting to do.  Challenging you to take that Step One into physical fitness and health.  At the end of the 5K there is also a Fun Run for kids ages 3-7 that is always fun to watch and cheer as they run their little hearts out!  Also, our DJ will have fun music playing that gets the kids and adults dancing before and after the race!    

Below is the link for the 5th Annual Step One 5K, August, 27th 2016


Welcome to the Step One Challenge

Get Fit

The Step One Challenge, Cleveland County's only free walking contest,  encourages the citizens of Cleveland County to get out there and move.  Aiming for 10k steps a day!

The Step One Challenge


Welcome to the Step One Challenge, Cleveland County's only FREE 6 week walking challenge.  The Step One Challenge has existed for 9 years, attracting over 10,000 participants.  The contest is open to all Cleveland County residents.  

The Step One 5K and Fun Run is a second part of the challenge.  Independent of the 6 week walking contest, the Step One 5K and Fun Run is open to anyone that wants to participate.  The Step One 5K and Fun Run, presented HomeTrust Bank of Shelby, was created to further encourage people to be active and to take control of their health.  We keep the price low so price is less of a barrier to participation.  

We want people to get healthy and that includes you! 

Have Fun

Forming teams of 3-6 people, the Step One Challenge encourages participants to exercise together, hold each other accountable, and work together on your fitness journey.